1/2 Community Helper Expo

Community expo

Yesterday at the ‘Community Helpers Expo’ we explored peoples interesting jobs in the community.

We had a police officer called Kathy, Dave the plumber, Pharmacy assistant Jaclyn, Airport security Mara, YIAH with Karen, CFA with Deb, Vaughn the Youth Worker, Robert from Rotary, Trevor the Electrician and Suzanne the Banker with NAB.

We learnt:
* Dave told us, even though some taps look really fancy they have to pass a certain standard otherwise they will flood everywhere.
* Suzanne the banker from NAB gives lots of people quotes for home loans. She gets free footy tickets, shoes, hats and other cool stuff.
* Robert told us that Rotary organises presents for families with no money to have a special christmas.
* Mara checks peoples clothes and bags to see if anyone has any hidden drugs or sharp things and even bombs. She gave us a special badge.
* Vaughn told us how he helps teenagers to go on camps, have fun and interact with each other.
*Karen told us how she sells lots of spices and helps people make their food taste better.
* Trevor told us about electricity can be dangerous in our house. Don’t touch dangerous things.
* Deb takes care of the people that are having trouble in a fire by rescuing them.
* Kathy taught us that she doesnt like to use her weapons but she does if she needs to. She uses communication as her most important tool.
*Jaclyn taught us that she works with the pharmacist to takes the prescription and give it to the pharmacist.

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