WINNER Winner, chicken dinner!!!

will winner

At lunch today we had a Paper Plane Flying Competition in the GYM. About 100 people showed up with their paper planes and a winning spirit. Unfortunately, some people got disqualified because they were not remembering their Rights and Responsibilities at school.

Next, we had to line up in a row and Patrick said ‘Go!’. We had to get ours to go the longest to win. The people that got the longest throw sat on bench and waited for all the other contestant. Eden and Will both made it through to the GRAND FINAL.

There were 7 of us in the grand final, and we all lined up and ….Whoooooosh!. All the paper planes went flying. We kept going until one person won and that person was….. Will!!!!
And Eden came second!!!
Congratulations you two and well done to everyone who participated in this fun Educational Week Lunchtime Competition

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  1. Kayleen and Will at |

    Wow. How exciting. Will was so proud and told me all about it as soon as he got home. I said it was just like the movie”Paper Planes”.
    What a great photo I’ll make sure he shares this with all the family.
    Hope you and the class are doing well Kellie. 6 more weeks of full time work and I’ll be back to help out with all those fantastic children with the best teacher in the world.
    Kayleen and Will

  2. eden wilkins at |

    will was very good at this i am very inprest and i hope will is
    very prowd of himself and eden me i came seacond and all of the
    other cunpetiter were good and i want to tell you something funny so when patrick said gooooo my friend golean flow his plan it hit his nuckle and went back into the wall and all to evryone good job

  3. luke h at |

    Good job Will.I liked your ball.

  4. Jackie at |

    I am happy will

  5. Eden at |

    Good job winer winer chicken diner
    Love eden

  6. Kyra at |

    your a winner winner chicken Kyra

  7. chelsea at |

    well done will .

  8. Ela Milewicz at |

    Wow! I can’t believe that he won!


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