Our Special visit from Rowie Webster


Her is what we thought about her visit:

I liked seeing the clothes that she wore like her special helmet, bathers and her t-shirt(Zoe)

It was funny when Callum put on her bathers but he was brave and lucky to wear an Olympians clothing (Brayden)

Everyone one looked good wearing her stuff Ever(Chloe)

She taught us that you need to keep trying and not give up even if you don’t get it right. You still keep trying and you will get there eventually. (Mia-Lilly)

She showed us how she could spin the ball on her finger and I can do that too (Will)

Rowie was very nice and she respected everyone in the room by listening to them and giving them prizes(Anthony)

She was really pretty and she tried her best a lot. She tried a lot to get in the olympics and she won a bronze medal (Charleen)

I thought she was very brave to go in the Olympics water polo team (Lexi)

3 Responses

  1. luke h at |

    I liked when I got the ball.

  2. Eden at |

    Rowie webstar is a star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. anthony at |

    i learnt lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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